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Social Media Command Centre to a Social Intelligence Command Center

You are now fully equipped with a Social Media command center but have you figured out what do you want to listen to?Improvement in product development and customer service, reduction in customer complaints,spiking buy youtube views your revenue; the acumen from a command center is endless.Depending on the technology you are using, tasks can be assigned, support feed can be differentiated from the main feed and employee performance can be monitored too. Infact multiple level of conversations with the customer on Twitter can be public and would not have to be taken offline because your organization is integrated. Picture a scene where a social media executive tracks a customer complaint, replies in a human language and simultaneously forwards the query to the Sales team who respond instantly to the executive on a messenger or through the tool and this is then used by the executive again to reply to the customer. And all this happens within minutes. Impressive, ain’t it?If you can go an extra mile and set up a different shift of people working in the night, it is indeed a great step. However this depends on the majority of timings during when the mentions are received and whether or not your company requires it. Incase you cannot set this up, it is perfectly alright to define timings of social media support but voice this on the website and on your social account descriptions so your customers know.

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Determine your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

This is a terribly important metric, yet most companies don’t know it. Know it. If you get clear on the true value of a customer, you can make better business decisions. More importantly, if you can engage buy youtube views customers and inspire them to share your brand with their trusting communities, it will boost their CLV dramatically. That’s where the power of social comes in–not so much for customer acquisition, but for customer retention–and evangelism (where the real value is). Marinate on this: If I buy your $200 shoes and go away forever. I’m worth $200 to you. If I buy your $200 shoes and you keep in touch with me, inspiring me to share my experience in social media, and 30 people buy your shoes as a result of my endorsement, my CLV just shot up to $6,100. Ask your current customers how much they roughly spend on your product each year, then, multiply by 20 to arrive at their CLV. Track conversions using Google Analytics or any other website tracking software. Google Analytics allows you to slice by social. This takes time, but it’s necessary if you want to understand your ROI from social media. Track sales, conversions, etc. and place a value on those items. For some, it might be hard-dollar sales; for others (typically B2B): the value of a contact form submission.

Twitter Chat

A school's Twitter page is a casual and informative virtual space where alumni, faculty, undergraduates, students, family and friends can receive the latest college news, updates and stories. Your school can also buy youtube views use Twitter as a marketing recruitment and relationship-building tool where prospective students, high school grads and parents can join conversations with others, create dialogue with the school and learn more about campus life.For example,reaches out to the alumni community via Twitter and post tweets promoting registration for an alumni reunion reception and featuring outstanding alumni. Alumni from across the nation and globe can respond to tweets and create interesting social content that markets and supports the school.Google Maps is more than just an app to help geographically challenged drivers. Google Maps is a social tool for showing the strong global presence of alumni and students around the world. State University of New York Empire State College encourages alumni and students to "map yourself" on its Alumni Student Map, showcasing the college's global reach. SUNY Empire State College uses the global map as a way to "show the world where we are and our accomplishments." Alumni can then use this Google Map as a resource to connect with nearby alums who live in the same city.

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