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I’m a Generation X and thanks to that I’ve had the opportunity to experience the technological evolution throughout these last 30 years. I was one of those who lived without a cellular (mobile) telephone, but only for buy twitter followers a while.Mobile communication has been one of the major breakthroughs in technology that influenced our lifestyle; the necessity was created and now we can’t live without it anymore.With the advances in wireless and mobile communication a new era of social technology was born: a more dynamic and fast-paced form of communication that we know nowadays as Web 2.0. These recent changes in the use of the Internet allowed for a more interactive and collaborative dialogue between people worldwide and helped us reach a whole new level in terms of communication.But this entire social technology boom brought up questions, doubts, fears and skepticism. What is its real power? How much can we achieve and how will this affect our everyday lives? To answer these questions: Its power has no limits, we can achieve anything we set our minds on and this will definitely affect our everyday lives, big time!So let’s start by having a quick look at two of the negative aspects of social technology which affect our most precious asset: our right to privacy.

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At Klick Health, we have developed a transformative operating system, called Genome, that uses big data and social technologies to customize the employee experience, increase engagement, speed-up mastery of new skills, and buy 1000 twitter followers maximize the team's success. Recently, Genome has been profiled by the media and in the New York Times Bestseller The Decoded Company.we take pride in having one of the most unique and innovative workplaces in North America and of the growing number of prestigious honors which have been bestowed onto our company. In 2013 alone, we won 85 awards for our management, workplace/culture and client work, including one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures, One of the Best Workplaces in Canada and One of the Best Workplaces in Canada for Women. Our culture has also consistently been recognized with accolades, such as Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, 50 Best Employers and 50 Fastest Growing Companies.

So how do we make great use of the technology we have in our pockets, bags, and rucksacks?

Here are my thoughts on how to make the most of social technologies without having to navigate your corporate firewall.Firstly, open up a conversation - on your internal social platform if you have one – to ask how willing buy indian twitter followers people would be to do work related learning; researching; and sharing via social platforms using their own device. You can ask what devices and platforms people already use and what apps and sharing processes they already deploy. Not an audit, but get a feel for the way people are using their own device to exploit social technologies for them, and maybe even in their professional/work capacity.Secondly, offer to train people on their devices. If there are people in the workplace who have cracked the use of their iPad to such a degree, they could train/guide and skill those who use it in a very basic sense. You will eventually form hubs of iOS; Android and Windows users but that’s no bad thing. Give up work space and time to do this and the payback could be very useful.

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