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Step One - High Level Strategy

To begin, we first we need to develop several high-level strategies. Let’s say that after some research, discussion, and introspection, we determine our top three, high level social media strategies.While these might buy 500 arabic twitter followers also look like “goals”, they are strategies too. The primary and ultimate goal in any successful business strategy is to increase revenues. Each of the three strategies above are dependent the one another. They are all directly connected to each other and any one; will drive, increase, and improve the remaining two.Let’s suppose we decide to start with a grass-roots approach by choosing “Building Community”. Be aware that Building Community is more than just a buzz-word. It refers to actually developing a following and engaging our customers and prospects in each of the social media platforms from blogging to microblogging, to Facebook or MySpace, to RSS feeds and comments, to more email list sign-ups.Now that each strategy has been identified and the ROI for each has been determined, the next step is to prioritize your list. In most cases you simply don’t have either the budget or the human resources to fully develop and execute every strategy scenario you came up with. You will have to choose, one or possibly two strategies to begin with.

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Merge Social Media With Existing Advertising

If you're considering abandoning any of your current advertising practices in favor of going with social media, think again. Businesses need to look at incorporating current marketing channels with new social media opportunities. For example, Google search engine rankings (SEO) is on everyone's priority list. Blogging is an excellent way to real twitter followers help business optimize your content for Google. You can design content that works well on your blog, but don't stop there. Use portions of the content, not only on your Web site and blog, but also for Twitter updates, Facebook Notes, in more traditional print ads and also in your e-mail marketing campaigns or newsletters.Social media also provides a way for you to promote new launches and products. You can Twitter company news and announcements (via links), you can add product unique and fun demos in video format to YouTube, or upload hot product shots to Flickr or your Facebook Fanpage. When an online publication covers your business or products those news stories can also be added to your various online social media profiles.When you use these sites, you're opening your business up to direct dialog and comments from users. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is not responding. When comments are left on your blog, a message is posted to your Facebook Fanpage wall or someone tweets a reply to your status on Twitter, make sure this person gets a message back from you. It doesn't have to be a long-winded dialog, but show that you have an interest in what they are saying.

Pick a topic or theme that strikes a universal chord.

I think the reason Melissa Coker's video for Wren became such a viral sensation is because it was a completely original concept, a bit risky, and it resonated emotionally with all audiences regardless of who the person was. Everyone has (or wants to!) kiss a stranger at some point in their lives, and watching funny, quirky, intimate moments between people buy twitter followers in that video hit a nerve with audiences, while simultaneously exposing them to Wren in the most subtle way imaginable. Think about what you instinctively want to see -- is it something scripted and salesy? Or would you be more interested in universal topics like love, relationships, unguarded moments, friendships, intimacy, confessionals, and the like? Equinox just released a short, super simple video of a woman doing morning yoga in her home and it has over 7.5 million views in just a couple of weeks. There's nothing sensational or spectacular about it, but it's very beautiful and intimately shot, and shows a physical grace and fitness that most everyone strives for. Content that is authentic and touches upon a common human concern tends to be very powerful.

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