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What is a Social Media Strategy Plan

Lots of people approach us frustrated and under the presumption that Social Media does not work and all is a BIG fad! It is in fact a new way to communicate. A new communication buy 5000 instagram followers tool we can use to engage with existing and prospective clients online. The first thing we ask when approached by a business who are not having much success with Social Media is “Have you got a Social Media Strategy Plan” and for 99.9% the answer is “no”. In order to meet your Social Media activities and goals achieved you need to put together a Social Media Strategy. Your Social Media Strategy is just like your Business Plan; it enables you to define your Social Media Goals and Objectives, and gives you a vision to move towards your objectives. Without these “what are you trying to achieve?” Your Social Media Goals should align with your Business Goals and Objectives and be SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). You then need to do your research. Look at where your competitors are engaging, where your Target Market are “hanging out” and from this determine which Social Media sites you should be using.

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The Perfect Small Business Social Media Game Plan

If there is truth in one thing, it’s that social media is on the rise. In fact, it’s more like blowing the roof off digital marketing as we know it today. Did you know that, according to SmallBizTrends, over 85 percent of marketers view social media as a foundation for Internet marketing, but at the same buy instagram followers cheapest time only 36 percent of marketers think their current Facebook marketing efforts are producing results. Why such a low percentage? I believe it is due to the fact that many businesses don’t have a solid small business social media marketing strategy in place. A vast amount of small business owners blindly post content about their business with no particular strategy. Utilizing your social media channels without a plan is like throwing darts in the dark and expecting to hit a bulls-eye. If you execute the following tips into your social media marketing plan, you will convert visitors to prospects, help drive traffic back to your site, and realize your potential for nurturing client relationships.

Rally the Troops; Social Media Team Management

Running successful small business social media business channels is no solo operation. You will need a team of dedicated individuals to handle a variety of instagram followers and likes Reputation management. The great thing about social media for business is the ability to address your customers directly. Due to the fact that anyone can post any comment at any given time, it is very important to have a member of your team dedicated to addressing customer issues as well as negative comments (yes, it will happen occasionally). If a follower or friend posts content that’s inappropriate, you want to catch it right away to prevent the tarnishing of your brand. Timeliness to these customer service responses is also very important. According to Social Media Today, 71 percent of customers who experience a quick and effective brand response are more likely to recommend that brand to a new customer. This compares to 19 percent of customers who did not receive a response.

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